CARPROTECT now available in 1520mm wide rolls

CARPROTECT, our popular self-adhesive vehicle protection film from HEXIS is now available from us in 1520mm wide rolls.

CARPROTECT protects vehicles from common causes to superficial damage to car paint such as grit and stones, small scratches, vandalism, insects and pollution. The extremely thin film which is optically clear and totally invisible works to keep vehicles in perfect condition and thus maintaining their resale value. It is the ideal product to protect high specification top of the range vehicles, when damage occurs the product is simply replaced without the need for respraying.

This product is usually applied to the most exposed areas of a car such as the front and rear bumper, the engine hood, rear view mirrors or car doors. Now in the new 1520mm width our customers will be able to wrap this protective film on larger vehicles including vans and trucks with ease.

CARPROTECT is available from us by the metre or roll and for a limited time only we are offering some great discounts on this product. Contact us today for more information!