We are excited to announce that HEXIS have just released their new HEXIS DESIGN software to be used for cutting their popular BODYFENCE paint protection film. HEXIS DESIGN provides one of the most complete software solutions to create paint protection film kits as well as solar film kits.

Scott Niven, Managing Director of Stickittome Australia said, “HEXIS BODYFENCE is one of the best self-healing paint protection films on the market. We have received so much positive feedback since launching BODYFENCE last year. Some of our customers indicated they would like to work with software templates so we have worked closely with HEXIS to ensure this could be made possible.”

HEXIS DESIGN offers an extensive vehicle database (over 30,000 patterns) which has been developed to keep pace with the needs of paint protection and solar films markets.

Main features of HEXIS DESIGN:

This software allows its users to update the database, so that it stays up-to-date with the most common models on the market.
Furthermore, the software makes possible:

  • Resizing
  • Positioning your precuts to keep the necessary material to the minimum
  • Keeping a diary of cuts
  • Handling or amending your precuts

HEXIS DESIGN is available on a monthly subscription basis. For more information on how you can access HEXIS DESIGN, please contact us today!