HEXIS release BODYFENCE Paint Protection with Matt Finish

Hexis have just released their popular Bodyfence paint protection film with a matt surface finish.

Bodyfence offers premium paint protection thanks to its anti-shock, self-healing and self-cleaning properties. Bodyfence will protect vehicle paint against chipping, insects, scratches, minor dents, car wash brushes etc. The film has an anti-adhesion component which repels dust and dirt making cleaning easier and less frequent.  Surface level scratches can be self-healed as the film regenerates itself with the help of heat.

Scott Niven, Managing Director of Stickittome Australia says “Bodyfence has really taken off this year. Installers love it because it is so easy to use and their customers love both the benefits this new technology brings as well as the improved surface finish on their car. This new Matt option now gives the end customer even more choice.”

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