‘Wrapped On Vinyl’ Colour Change Project

Recently we caught up with Ryan from ‘Wrapped On Vinyl‘ in Bendigo to get an insight into one of his car wrap colour change projects. His customer chose Hexis Garnet Red Gloss Glitter with a Black Alligator Roof to transform his Ford XR6. Here is what Ryan had to say about the project…

1. What were your customers requirements for this project?

The customer came to us as he was unhappy with the result of his previous car wrap. From the moment we saw it, it was obvious that the correct preparation steps and installation techniques were not used. The customer approached us to re-wrap the vehicle and do the job properly.

2. Why do you think your customer chose you to transform his vehicle?

This customer had seen some of our previous work and after meeting me and seeing how well my own car was wrapped he had faith in me to re-wrap his car properly. He was also fully aware that I had all the right qualifications and had undertaken the correct training to be able to install Hexis vinyl properly.

3.  What excited you about this project?

The idea of a colour change vinyl wrap is to replicate a paint job so you can’t actually tell the vehicle has been wrapped. When I first seen how badly this car had been wrapped to begin with, it excited me to be given the opportunity to be able to wrap the vehicle to our standard here at Wrapped On Vinyl, which regularly exceeds customers expectations.

4.  Did you have any reservations when taking on this project?

Yes, due to incorrect techniques being used previously there were knife cuts through most panels and I was very concerned about paint peeling off when stripping the old wrap. This is why it is so important to use a reputable installer who has undertaken all the correct training, so that when a wrap is installed there is no damage to the underlying paint work on the vehicle. Knifeless tapes and specific techniques that we use religiously at Wrapped On Vinyl separate our work from others. We guarantee there is no damage to any part of a car when we are wrapping a vehicle.

5.  Can you please walk us through how you selected the products for this project?

The car was previously wrapped in the HEXIS 20,000 series vehicle wrap film and the customer wanted to use the same colour again. I encouraged his choice as HEXIS is one of the top premium brands of vehicle wrap film and I always get amazing results from it!

6.  What were the most challenging parts of this project?

The most challenging and also frustrating part of this project was all the extra time that was spent un-doing a lot of unnecessary work as there was quite a bit of “over-wrapping” on this vehicle.

When you wrap a car you need to be realistic in the sense of what parts are going to be removed to wrap the car. If it’s done properly, removal down the track should be doable with only minimal parts being removed.

7.  What did you enjoy most about completing this project?

The end result. You always strive for excellence but it gave me great satisfaction being able to give the customer back his car looking amazing. The final result far exceeded his expectations and his appreciation made it all worthwhile.

8.  What was your customers reaction to the transformation of his car?

The customer was absolutely over the moon with the end result and was stoked to have his car looking like new, how it should have looked the first time.

Something we love here at Wrapped On Vinyl is seeing the customers reaction when they catch the first glimpse of their car. In this particular case it was extremely rewarding!

9.  Have you received further business as a direct result of this particular project?

Yes we have. Not only from the quality aspect of the job, but also from the selection of colour that was used. Hexis has a fantastic range of different colours that suit all different styles and tastes. The colours that are available really need to be seen in person to appreciate the quality!

Red Car before - sm Red car side sm Alligator Roof -sm Hexis Car Wrap Garnet Red Glitter