Caring for your Wrapped Vehicle

Taking care of a wrapped or partially wrapped vehicle is similar to looking after any fine paint finish. Having made the effort to design and customise your vehicle, whether for advertising purposes or decoration, it only takes a few simple steps to ensure your HEXIS graphics endure the test of time.

1. Wash regularly

  • Dirt and grime remaining on the vinyl may be difficult to remove if left for too long and may even alter the vinyl surface (eg. bird droppings).
  • Do not wash vinyl graphics within the first
  • 48 hrs following application.
  • BY HAND (preferred method):
  • Rinse off any grit with water before commencing cleaning to avoid scratching the surface.
  • For difficult contaminants such as bird droppings or tar, soften with hot soapy water and spot clean using HEXIS System 123 REMOVER or 2:1 isopropanol/water solution. Rinse off with water.
  • Wash car using mild car detergent and non-abrasive sponge or cloth.
  • Rinse thoroughly and remove exess water to avoid water spotting using silicone squeegee or clean microfibre cloth.

PRESSURE WASHING may be used under the following conditions:

  • Water pressure must be kept below 2000psi (14MPa).
  • Keep water temperature under 35°C.
  • Use 40° wide angle spray nozzle.
  • Ensure nozzle is kept perpendicular to (90°) and at least 50cm from graphic.

IMPORTANT! Nozzles held too close at a smaller angle may lift the edges of the vinyl graphic.

brush type car washes are not recommended because they abrade the surface coating, dulling the vinyl appearance and can cause the edges to lift or chip off. Non-brush automated car washes are acceptable.

2. Fuel spills

Wipe immediately to prevent degrading the vinyl surface or the adhesive (solvents may seep through and react with the adhesive).

3. Polish and wax

Wrapped vehicles may be protected using the Protech ECLATMAX for gloss finish or SUPERVRT for matt finishes (see p. 76). These high quality automotive polishes protect from UV and water stains.

4. Storage

Like automotive paint, vinyl graphics are affected by prolonged exposure to sun, wind, rain and pollutants, especiallyhorizontal parts such as hoods, roofs and bonnets. Wherever possible, store vehicle under cover, in a garage or use aprotective car cover at night. If the vinyl turns brown following exposure to rain, this may be caused by acid rain. In this casewe recommend removing the graphics immediately to avoid staining the original car body paint underneath.For further details please refer to the HEXIS application guides or technical data sheets: