The new HEXIS STICKNRIDE is a printable adhesive-coated film, developed especially for temporary applications to sidewalls of rubber tyres. Due to its flexibility and strong adhesion of its adhesive, the film can be applied to tyre sidewalls: static tyres, bicycle tyres, or tyres of motorised vehicles (as long as the temperature of the rolling tyre remains below 50 °C (122 °F).

The film is perfect for event markings on static tyres. When using STICKNRIDE on rolling tyres, HEXIS can recommend applying the film to bicycle tyres. Using STICKNRIDE on tyres of certain rolling motorised vehicles may result in film lifting when the substrate temperature is close to 50 °C (122 °F).


Introducing HEXIS MIAMI Window Film!

HEXIS has just released their new Dichronic Effect Film, MIAMI.


This clear PET film is perfect for windows and has metallic shades ranging from red to blue (depending on the lighting and viewing angle).

HEXIS MIAMI is ideal for modern and contemporary renovations or decoration projects. Offices, meeting rooms, lounges, glazed facades, store windows, objects, etc. will be transformed and on-trend.

Decorators, designers, architects,… don’t wait any longer to bring a dazzling touch to your jobs!!

HEXIS MIAMI is available now! Contact us today for more information.

HEXIS MIAMI window film




Satin Chrome Colours Now Available!

We have had so many requests for the new HEXIS Satin Chrome wrap film colours this year. We are pleased to advise that we now have the following colours available in stock:

  • Gold Satin Chrome
  • Blue Satin Chrome
  • Green Satin Chrome
  • Red Satin Chrome
  • Titanium Satin Chrome

These colours really pop when you see them in person.  We have some great car wrap examples on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Note that there is limited stock available so please let us know ASAP if you are looking to place an order to ensure you do not miss out!





Hexis are releasing 20 new shades to their popular Skintac Series Wrap Films this year. Hexis have the largest range of special effect vehicle wrapping films on the market and with these new colours, customers will have over 140 options to chose from.

Hexis Skintac films consist of a multilayered cast PVC film and a release liner with the structured HEX’Press adhesive to make application easier. These films are specially designed for full wraps and due to the thickness the films they preserve their colour even under strong deformation.

The new Hexis colours are being released throughout 2017 so please contact us to find out the latest colours available.

New Hexis Car Wrap Colours      HX30G446B Cameleon Grey Gloss



We are excited to announce that the new HEXIS WOOD Design and textured VWOOD laminate will be available to purchase from us next month!

How does it work we hear you ask?

  1. Choose the appropriate printable HEXIS digital media film
  2. Purchase your VWOOD textured laminate
  3. Log into www.hexis-graphics.com/en/wood
  4. Enter your VWOOD product batch number
  5. Chose from one of the 12 wood grain designs available and print on your HEXIS self-adhesive film of choice
  6. Laminate the printed film with VWOOD to achieve the structured wood finish

Et voilà!

We can’t wait to see all of your gorgeous creations.

Contact Us for more details.