Computer Cut Films

Create Computer Cut Lettering, Designs and Logos with our large range of HEXIS films to suit all of your needs:

KG8000 Premium Cast Coloured Series (Smartac)

Suptac S5000 High Performance Polymeric Series

Ecotac E3000 Intermediate Monomeric Series

Ecotac MAT VCRE3000 Monomeric Vinyl with Reinforced Adhesive

Microtac M200 Promotional Monomeric Series

Translucent T5000 Intermediate Backlit Series for Lightboxes

For product specific information or details of how to use a particular product, please access the relevant Data Sheet and Application Guide on the following link:

HEXIS Data Sheets and Application Guides

If you need assistance deciding on which products will be the most suitable for your job, do not hesitate to call one of our experienced and friendly sales consultants in the office.