Essentials Wrap Course

Duration:                      2 days

Participants will take the knowledge acquired from the Foundation Wrap Course to help them practice in detail various parts of car wrapping on a vehicle. Participants will be given multiple exercises on details necessary for a full wrap with a minimum of 1.5 days of practice. A full wrap will be attempted on the second day of the course.

Participants will receive a personalised HEXIS training certificate on completion.


Following on from the teachings in the Foundation Wrap Course, more detailed information will be given on:

  • How to choose a product based on its application, the types of adhesives, temperatures
  • Calculation of the vinyl needed to wrap a car
  • Tools and accessories required.
  • Preparation of the vehicle: liquids to use
  • Specific application techniques for HX20000, HX30000
  • Finishing touches and cuttings.

Hands on Practice (1.5 days):

During the first day, participants will focus on applying film to specific parts of the vehicle while learning best practice methods. On the second day, participants will attempt a full vehicle wrap with their allocated team. The trainer will answer any questions and will take into account the level of knowledge of each participant.

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