HEXIS Sparkle Glitter Laminates

Our HEXIS Sparkle Glitter Cast Laminates are dedicated to the Skintac Wrapping Ranges: HX190WG2, HX20000, HX30000 (except structured films). They can also be used with solid colour vinyls such as SUPTAC and any polymeric or monomeric printable films.

We have 5 Sparkling Glitter Laminates available for unlimited decorative effects!

  • PCSTAR01G – Silver Gloss Finish
  • PCSTAR01S – Silver Satin Finish
  • PCSTAR02G – Pink Metallic Gloss Finish
  • PCSTAR03G – Blue Metallic Gloss Finish
  • PCSTAR04G – Gold Metallic Gloss FInish