The HEXIS Group boasts 4 divisions:

  • HEXIS GRAPHICS (self-adhesive films)
  • HEXIS HEALTH (anti-bacterial products)
  • HEXIS ENERGY (energy drinks)
  • HEXIS CM (pre-fabricated buildings)

HEXIS GRAPHICS is a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive vinyl films for signage, vehicle marking, interior decoration and large format digital printing.

The company specialises in pressure-sensitive adhesive coating of thin plastic films and pioneered their own process to produce high performance cast PVC.

HEXIS manufactures 4 types of films:

  • Colour films for signage and display
  • Cast films for vehicle wraps and fleet marking
  • Media for wide format digital printing
  • Films for protection and lamination

HEXIS have built their success on their constant strive for quality and product innovation. The company operates two production lines with a third in the pipeline, an internationally recognised R&D department, 3 regional distribution centers, 6 subsidiaries and a network of over 40 distributors around the World.

The strive for quality encompasses considerations for quality assurance and sustainable development. HEXIS was accredited the ISO 9001 approval for its system of quality management. In view of its sustainable development policy, HEXIS is currently working on obtaining the environmental management system according to ISO 14001.

Stickittome Australia are proud to be the official Australian Distributor for HEXIS.