HX20000 Premium Cast Wrapping Series

The HX20000 series consists of a multi-layered cast 80 micron PVC and a release liner with structured HEX’PRESS adhesive. The product is specially designed for full vehicle wraps and vehicle markings in general. Due to its thickness it preserves its colour even under strong deformation. It is convenient and effortless to apply and remove. The HX20000 makes application easy due to its structured adhesive that facilitates air egress.

Product Features

  • High performance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Up to 8 yr durability under outdoor Australian climate depending on colour
  • Fully conformable
  • Structured adhesive for efficient air egress
  • Repositionable, easy to apply and remove
  • Optimal thickness for improved opacity and colour preservation even under extreme deformation
  • Premium grade automotive pigments ensure durability and vibrancy
  • of colours
  • Colours: 60 Gloss, 18 Matt, 6 Satin


  • Indoor/outdoor application to most smooth surfaces
  • Partial and full wraps
  • Rail, light rail
  • Trucks, buses, vans, cars
  • Recreational craft, watercraft
  • (above waterline)
  • Architectural: furniture, partitions etc
  • Objects: helmets, bikes, machines


  • Cast PVC vinyl
  • Up to 8 yr outdoor durability under Australian climate, depending on colour
  • Solvent-based acrylic adhesive with
  • air egress structure
  • Adhesive is resistant to most chemicals
  • Siliconed PE Hex’Press embossed
  • liner 145g/m2
  • 80 microns
  • Min. /max. service range:  -40°C to +90°C
  • Roll widths: 1370mm – 1520mm
  • Full roll: 30m


  • Min. /max. application temperatures: +15°C to +25°C
  • Dry application to clean, dry surfaces only
  • We recommend the HEXIS 3-step system to prepare surfaces before wrapping
  • Use in conjunction with HEXIS felt-tipped squeegee
  • Not recommended for application to acrylic paint
  • Please refer to full HEXIS product bulletin before installation:

Data Sheet and Application Guide

Colour Card